Special Invitation to All FSWO Members “Empowered Women Empowering Women” Cardio Power Hour

  • June 25, 2022
  • 10:00am-11:15am
  • Online

FSWO in partnership with Kate Durst, Co-Owner of Discover Fitness/Discover Performance Inc. is pleased to offer a free monthly networking opportunity that will allow our members to connect through fitness on a virtual platform. Following the success of last year’s symposium and the positive impact that the fitness sessions has had with the members, FSWO is pleased to bring back the dynamic and engaging Kate Durst who is a Certified Coach and is generously offering her virtual monthly cardio power hours sessions to FSWO members free of charge. FSWO is extremely appreciative of this unique sponsorship opportunity from Kate who wants to thank our members for all that we do and for the work that has been undertaken to help with the advancement of women in the fire service. Next Session June 25, 2022 @10 a.m.

The first of Kate’s one hour power sessions will begin with a virtual spin class on Saturday, January 15th, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. Don’t have access to a spin bike? Don’t worry, Kate’s sessions can be modified to accommodate any type of cardio exercise throughout the workout. Further, Kate’s sessions will be recorded which FSWO members can have access to at any time. This may be more convenient for members who may want to access cardio equipment at another location such as their gym, work place or even complete the workout on a forest trail. Just sign up, stay active and connect with your colleagues in fire to stay motivated together.

Registration for the “Empowered Women Empowering Women” Cardio Power Hour is now open!The instructions to sign up are attached . If you have any questions or require assistance to register, please contact Cheryl Hunt, FSWO Secretary at secretary@fswo.ca.


IMPORTANT NOTE: From the owners of DP/DF, it is not mandatory to upload a picture of personal ID to register. A small picture of yourself would be acceptable.