Special Awards

On very unique occasions, FSWO will recognize the special contributions of FSWO members that simply cannot be categorized by our regular annual awards.

FSWO also has established a category for special awards where recognition can be given to individuals who have been exceptional members and have provided an outstanding contribution to the organization.

In 2016, FSWO was pleased to award Lifetime Memberships to Dave Dodson, Lead Instructor, Response Solutions and Aaron Fields, Seattle Firefighter and OG of Nozzle Forward. Dave and Aaron are the first men to be honoured with this membership and have been strong advocates for a diversified fire service helping to train women and men to be better firefighters.

In 2015, FSWO was pleased to hand out its first Ambassador and Lifetime Membership award to jona olsson, Director at Cultural Bridges to Justice and Fire Chief of Latir Fire Service, New Mexico. jona has been instrumental in advocating for and supporting women in the fire service right across the world and has been a regular attendee and trainer/speaker at FSWO Conferences. She is highly renowned and respected and was selected as the North American IAFC Rural Fire Chief of the year and has been an avid champion, mentor and supporter of Fire Service Women Ontario.

If you have an idea to nominate someone outside our other award categories, please email president@fswo.ca with your vision.