Department Memberships

Membership entitlement is eligible to any municipal fire service and can include any number of members of any rank within their department.

**New to the membership structure is the revision of the Departmental Membership which will now be based on the level of commitment and support from a municipal fire service instead of population or association membership number as was done previously.

As the administrator for a department group membership you will be required to add all additional members. This will be done on the members page. Select Add/Edit Members. You will then select "Add New Member" You will then enter the name and email address for the new member. Repeat this process for each member of your group membership.

If you have any issues or questions with this process please send a message to We can enter the information if required.

*HST is added to all memberships at checkout. (HST #849838719)

Municipal PopulationIncluded MembershipsCost
Volunteer/Paid on Call Department (less that 10 full time employees)up to 10$300/year
Bronzeup to 20$550/year
Silverup to 35$700/year
Goldup to 50$850/year