Online Session with Chief jona olsson -- When I Doubt Myself and Other Women - Part Two - Women Only

  • June 17, 2023
  • 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Online - All times are EST

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How often do you “second-guess” yourself?

Do you doubt your own competence? Or your worth?

Do you doubt other women’s competence? Or their motives?

Have you blamed yourself for the actions of someone else?

Ever thought: “women are own worst enemies?”

In Part One, we recognized a lifetime of sexist messages results in many of us doubting our
competence, our leadership, even our self-worth. And if I doubt me, then I must doubt the
competence, the leadership, the worth of other women. Once we have been socialized to our
role in this sexist system, we collude with sexism – unintentionally.
Picking up from our conversations during from Part 1 we’ll help each other dig deeper to
confront our internal doubts and the impact on our performance. Together we’ll explore
strategies to interrupt our patterns of self doubt, lack of confidence and mistrust of other
women, so we can all perform our very best.
The fire service mission needs our skills, our courage and our leadership. Let’s help each other
be powerful.

**This session is open to women only

** To register send an email to