2023 FSWO Pink Helmet Award winner Lee-Ann Stam no stranger to adversity

One of the first women to become a firefighter at her department, Lee-Ann Stam has faced the various challenges that come with that honour - from proving herself, to stretching her limits, to creating a level of camaraderie and trust with her colleagues, while also raising a young family.

Firefighter Lee-Ann Stam receives the 2023 Pink Helmet of Courage Award.

Lee-Ann Stam receives the 2023 Pink Helmet of Courage Award from Louise Hine-Schmidt and Jaclyn Stelmaszyk.

From the start, Lee-Ann has continually been engaged in regular in-house training, public education events, scheduled maintenance and all other related firefighter duties. Her compassion, loyalty, trust and leadership add remarkable value to her team. Anyone who encounters her is immediately impacted by her positive energy and ability to help others at any time. She is compassionate and respectful, works well with others, and truly an honor to have as a member. As her chief describes – “She truly is an angel sent from above!”

As a firefighter, Lee-Ann understands how her training benefits the trade and she has gained the experience to help others understand the links between training material and real-life experience. This firefighter is involved with Camp Molly and is working closely with Chiefs to bring this opportunity to her department to support young women have an opportunity to experience life as a firefighter.

As a community member, Lee-Ann manages to find time to coach young athletes and is well engaged with local schools assisting when needed. Her commitment to remain physically fit is motivational to others and she consistently encourages all to perform to their highest capability.

This firefighter’s youngest child has been in and out of the hospital for the last year dealing with numerous infections and surgeries. Like any parent, our children are our priority. However, Lee-Ann has continued to thrive and remains well engaged with her fire family and continues to serve and protect her community. Her ability to juggle a full-time job, be a committed partner and parent, serve as an instructor for the fire service, and a mentor to all new members of her department in the last five years has not gone unnoticed.

FSWO is pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s Pink Helmet of Courage Award is Firefighter Lee-Ann Stam from Clarence-Rockland Fire Department.