FSWO announces 2017 winner of the Diversity and Inclusion Award, Platoon Chief Tracey Jocque

Nominated by Chief Larry Brassard who knows first hand the work she has done to promote a culture of respect, equity, inclusive and diversity in the fire service, FSWO is pleased to announce Tracey Jocque as the Diversity and Inclusion Award winner.

Tracey Jocque joined the Gravenhurst Fire Department as a volunteer in 1999 and quickly earned a reputation as a fierce and competent firefighter amongst her team. Her passion for the fire service is contagious and with a “can do – get it done” attitude, she has always served to inspire her sister and brother firefighters to achieve more. Tracey’s frontline firefighting experience along with her strong academic education background from McMaster made her Gravenhurst’s first career Training Officer seven years ago. She is respected throughout Muskoka (and beyond) for her intensity and devotion to keeping “her” firefighters safe and has rightfully and respectably been promoted in a full-time capacity to the rank of Platoon Chief.

Tracey serves as a role model for all firefighters and has impacted the lives of every firefighter across Muskoka over the last several years from her leadership role within the Muskoka Recruit Training Program. She is a tough, tenacious, and demanding training officer, with an “out in front” leadership style that emphasizes a “service to others first” approach as the preferred service delivery model in the fire service world.

Integrity is not simply a word to Tracey - it is a daily lived out value, one that inspires others to stand beside her making us all grateful for the contribution she makes to our community and beyond. Congratulations, Tracey.

Name of Nominator: Larry Brassed, Director FES/Fire Chief, Gravenhurst Fire Department