FSWO announces 2020 winner of 3 ‘E’ Award, Mary Hindle

FSWO is pleased to grant this award to one of its long-time members and supporters who has worked hard to invite many women into the fire service and connect those women already in the service, Firefighter Mary Hindle. Her outstanding effort, exemplary action and extraordinary commitment has helped to encourage, educate and empower both women men and women to be the best that they can be in the fire service.

The 3E Award recognizes an individual, group, department or organization that has, through their outstanding effort and exemplary action, demonstrated an extraordinary commitment in supporting and furthering the mandate of the FSWO by “Educating, Empowering and Encouraging” women in the fire service. The award recipient will exemplify outstanding work and commitment towards mentoring, recruiting, retaining and promoting women in the fire service helping to make the fire service a better place today and for the future. This may include life-long service, program development, inspiring mentorship work, community building and any other exemplary achievements related to the FSWO values.

Firefighter Hindle started her career at Hamilton Fire in 2002 at the young age of 22 as a very energetic, determined and “salt of the earth” person. She showed great initiative, passion and commitment and has taken on many roles at her department including firefighting, training, dispatching, store operations, apparatus driving and first aid training. She is one of the key organizers behind Hamilton’s Camp FFIT (Female Firefighters in Training) program, helping to run all aspects including camp logistics, meal planning and teaching many topics including hose deployment, pump operations, and search and rescue.

Firefighter Hindle is a true mentor for her female colleagues in the Hamilton Fire Department as well as many members of FSWO. She has regularly attended FSWO conferences, helped organize the FSWO conference in 2015 in Hamilton, and encourages others to connect and share and support each other by attending FSWO events. She regularly organizes informal networking activities for the women in the department, provides confidential support to those who are struggling and offers mentorship support to help newcomers navigate their way around the Department as well as assistance on pregnancy policies.

Firefighter Hindle’s commitment to her profession also extends into the community. She is highly respected for her work as a teacher in Adult Lifelong Learning teaching about the experiences of women in fire. She also devotes her personal time visiting schools, women’s institutions and other community organizations highlighting the rewards of being a women firefighter as well as teaching about the importance of fire safety. Her generosity is unparalleled as she has offered her home for people in need of housing, as well as donating clothes and gifts to those in need. She also regularly organizes events for Remembrance Day and seniors in her community, showing compassion for people of all ages.

Firefighter Mary Hindle continually demonstrates behavior both on and off the job that showcases pride, honour and integrity. Her leadership, mentorship and willingness to contribute has truly made the fire service a better place for all. She truly embodies the three Es as the deserving recipient of the FSWO 3E Award in 2020.

Congratulations, Mary!

Nominator: FSWO President Pike Krpan, Hamilton Fire Department