FSWO announces 2021 winner of the 3E Award, Assistant Chief Crystal Farmer

FSWO is pleased to grant this award to a hard-working and legendary member of the Six Nations Fire Department, Assistant Chief Crystal Farmer. Her commitment to her fire family and her community is evident in how she encourages, educates and empowers women and men in her role as Assistant Chief.

Since 2003, Crystal Farmer has been an integral part of the Six Nations Fire Department. Starting as Administrative Assistant, she became very involved in recruitment, training and response in the fire department. She was a driving force for the service to support and encourage local indigenous women to succeed in this male dominated profession. At one time the service was 40% female, mainly in part of the efforts of Crystal in guiding and supporting them to success. She completed her NFPA 1001, HazMat Ops and numerous other courses on her journey to become a firefighter in her home community. She achieved all of this as a single mother and also grandmother of a growing family, while also supporting the health of her own mother.

Chief Farmer has progressed to her current position of Assistant Chief and holds much of the history of the department. She continues to support local and national fire safety with her work operating the Fire Training Academy at Six Nations as well as the National Indigenous Fire Safety Council. She is held in very high regard by the members of her department for her ongoing efforts to support the fire service as a whole. Chief Farmer’s leadership, mentorship and willingness to contribute has truly made the fire service a better place for all. On behalf of Fire Service Women Ontario, congratulations and thank you for your service.

Nominator: Michael Seth
Director of Fire & Emergency Services/Fire Chief
Sydney, Nova Scotia