Firefighter Yoga

  • November 4, 2021
  • 7:00pm-8:15pm
  • Online Zoom Session

Facilitated by TJ Robbins

Join TJ for an hour-long yoga class with special focus on meditation. Beginning with light movements meant to warm up the body and set a calming breathing pattern, participants will start with the basic form of each posture and progress, as they see fit, to either add challenge or create ease. Whether you’ve logged hours in downward facing dog or have never heard of it, everyone is welcome. The class will finish with a guided meditation that can help settle the mind and eliminate racing thoughts that keep so many people up at night. TJ will be available after the session for questions or guidance on how to meditate on your own.

TJ's Biography

TJ Robbins has been a part-time fire fighter in Milton since January 2017.  At the time of her hire, she had seven years experience as an Auxiliary Police Officer in Halton region and made a natural transition into the fire service command structure and culture. By day, TJ is a sales rep, but she has had several interesting jobs in the past from short haul truck driver to the three years she spent as an eviction officer.  She finds balance in her role as a yoga teacher where she’s practiced and guided for over fifteen years.