First Five Command Boot Camp

  • October 26, 2023
  • 8:00am-12:00pm
  • FESTI - Fire & Emergency Services Training Institute 2025 Courtneypark Drive, East, Mississauga

Facilitated by Chief Dave Robertson

Commanding a scene is no easy thing. The reality of the fire service response model is that anyone – chiefs, captains, firefighters – may be on scene first: making notifications, providing information to incoming units, establishing command - in short, you are setting the stage for the outcome of the emergency.

Through exercises and robust engagement, you will review the fundamentals of command and command structures, what real-life expectations are of you, and how to direct command operations - not just the first 5 minutes, but for the duration of the event.

Dave Robertson

Chief Dave Robertson has 25 years in the fire service in 5 different departments, from working in busy urban systems to wildland to rural/semi-rural. He is fueled by a sincere passion to make the fire service better, a belief that fire service leadership starts with character, and that he is at his best as a firefighter when teaching.

He has instructed within his fire departments, in fire academies, paramedic schools, private fire institutions, and now as the Deputy Chief of Training for Lambton Shores Fire Rescue. Command, hiring for character, managing culture change, and fireground operations are his favorite subject areas to teach.

Everything he does in the fire service - responding, helping, teaching - always comes down to providing a high level of service through caring for his crew and the citizens he helps protect.