Medical Training During MVC - Phychological First Aid to Deal with Mental Health Status of Firefighters Before/During/After a Crisis

  • October 26, 2023
  • 10:00am-12:00pm
  • FESTI - Fire & Emergency Services Training Institute 2025 Courtneypark Drive, East, Mississauga

Facilitated by Jennifer Ngo

In the first part of this session, Psychological First Aid, you'll learn to anticipate stress and crisis, practice self-care, and provide support during challenging times like medical emergencies. Gain resilience and coping strategies for stress and trauma. In the second part, Medical Response, you will learn and understand effective medical training for collaborating with firefighters in patient care, evacuations, and assisting entrapped patients in motor vehicle collisions.

Jennifer Ngo

Jennifer is an experienced instructor with the American and Canadian Red Cross. She specializes in life-saving courses such as First Aid & CPR, Professional Responders, and Psychological First Aid. Jennifer holds certifications as an Red Cross Instructor Trainer in three disciplines: Professional Responders (BLS, FR, and EMR), First Aid and CPR (CPR, EFA, and SFA), and Psychological First Aid (Coping for stress and trauma). Her expertise benefits Red Cross instructors, paramedics, firefighters, and the public by providing essential life-saving training using critical thinking and intervention skills.