Tactical TIC - HOT 08:00-12:00

  • October 28, 2023
  • 8:00am-12:00pm
  • FESTI - Fire & Emergency Services Training Institute 2025 Courtneypark Drive, East, Mississauga

Facilitated by Cheryl Hunt and Manfred Kihn

One of the non-negotiables of firefighting is the use of a TIC for size-up, safe and efficient interior advancement on the fire, and for overhaul. Unfortunately, TICs are not used to their potential because we simply do not understand how to effectively process the information it is giving us.

This session is designed to assist firefighters in developing a tactical approach to interpreting what is seen on the Thermal Imaging Camera. We will discuss the need to maintain situational awareness by looking at and processing all the information presented at a fire scene and not just what can be seen through the lens of the TIC. We will explore ways to train with the TIC in the fire station for daily drill and demonstrate the steps of an effective size-up and how to read heat signature using small props.

Cheryl Hunt

Cheryl Hunt has been on the board of directors for FSWO for 6 years and is currently the Secretary and Co-Chair of the symposium committee. She has been a career firefighter with the Ottawa Fire Service for 20 years and is now a Safety Officer in suppression.

Cheryl has been studying and instructing fire dynamics and live fire training since 2015. She has helped to develop the From Knowledge To Practice (FKTP) Fire Dynamics program originating out of Ottawa and is a member of the curriculum development and program management team for Live Fire Training in OFS. Her training and development not only include 8 years of learning and helping to develop the FKTP program, but also the IFSFI SLICE-RS course, Andy Starnes Kill the Flashover Tactical TIC course, and the IFSFI Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires course.

Manfred Kihn

19 Years experience in the Fire Service/EMS in Ontario as Paramedic, Fire Fighter & Fire Chief/Manager of Emergency Services. Seconded Instructor with Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) Have instructed Thermal Imaging classes to numerous Fire Services, Military & LawEnforcement Agencies all across Canada & USA.

Humbled to have been able to instruct Thermal Imaging to numerous Fire Services, Military & Navy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Dhahran Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Portugal, Germany, Taiwan, Darwin Australia.